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Saaral Resorts is located in the heart of Courtallam, a town situated in Tenkasi District, which is also called as the 'Spa of South India". Saaral Resorts & Hotels is a hospitality group based in Tamil Nadu , India. We cater to a wide variety of customers including tourists, business persons, entrepreneurs, families and foodies.

With two decades of dedication and rich experience in hospitality industry, Saaral Resorts & Hotel’s one true goal has been to provide high end luxury hospitality to everyone. Be it our restaurants, resorts or business hotels, our customers are always 100 % satisfied. A true and enriching hospitality service for travelers, tourists and corporate customers.

Just 5 km from Tenkasi .The closest airports are Tuticorin and Trivandrum and a stone's throw distance is Courtallam main falls .

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